LIVE LINK: Watch The Sham Impeachment Trial Here

At 1pm EST, the 2nd sham impeachment trial begun and the Democrats began lying within minutes.

We’ll bring you highlights from the events that unfold today, but watch below for the live stream link from Right Side Broadcasting:


Stay tuned for more updates…


BREAKING: Propaganda-Filled Super Bowl Receives Lowest Ratings Since 2007

According to CNBC, Super Bowl ratings crashed and burned this year to only 96.4 million viewers. This is a shocking 14 year low after their social-justice propaganda caused viewers all over the country to tune out the big game.

The star-studded QB matchup of gunslinger Patrick Mahomes and all-time great Tom Brady should have been ratings gold, but apparently nothing could overcome the insufferable amount of leftist propaganda shoved down the viewers throats.

Here’s the breaking report from CNBC:

“The numbers are in, and the National Football League’s biggest game of the year — during this season of Covid — failed to top 100 million viewers this year.

Super Bowl LV attracted 96.4 million viewers for ViacomCBS on Sunday, the company announced Tuesday, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 31-9. It’s the lowest watched Super Bowl since 2007, when the Indianapolis Colts played the Chicago Bears, another CBS broadcast. That game attracted 93.1 million viewers, according to Octagon’s media division data provided to CNBC.”

Not only did they prioritize the “Black national anthem” over the actual national anthem, but many Twitter users complained that it was “racist” for Tom Brady to win a Super Bowl during ‘Black History Month’.

Yes, you read that right.

Take a look below at some of the triggered meltdowns from leftists over Tom Brady’s 7th Super Bowl win:


Judge Blocks Several Reforms From Radical Los Angeles DA George Gascón

Superior Court Judge James Chalfant issued a preliminary injunction blocking several reforms from radical Los Angeles DA George Gascón.

Los Angeles prosecutors took the Marxist DA to court for violating his oath of office with his unethical and unlawful reforms, and won a ruling.

The injunction will restrict Gascón from refusing to prosecute California’s three strikes law and will restrict him from dismissing special enhancement allegations.

“The District Attorney’s disregard of the Three Strikes law “plead and prove” requirement is unlawful, as is requiring deputy DA’s to seek dismissal of pending sentencing enhancements without a lawful basis,” Judge Chalfant said.



Gascón said he will appeal the ruling.

“I never had any illusions as to the difficulty and challenges associated with reforming a dated institution steeped in systemic racism,” Gascon said in a statement. “My directives are a product of the will of the people, including survivors of crime, and a substantial body of research that shows this modern approach will advance community safety.”

In December, newly elected Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón announced radical policy changes that he claimed were backed up by “science.”

George Gascón was previously the DA of San Francisco and absolutely turned that place into a hell hole.

New changes announced:

1) End cash bail by January
2) Conviction integrity unit
3) No death penalty
4) Felony charging no longer seeking enhancements i.e. gang affiliation
5) Juveniles will not be tried as adults
6) Use-of-force review board to reopen fatal officer-involved shooting cases going back to 2012!



“Unmasked” Video Provides More Information and Evidence Surrounding the 2020 Election

A new video labeled “Unmasked” provides 16 minutes of evidence of the election fraud in the 2020 election.

This new video named “Unmasked” provides evidence of election fraud in the 2020 election. Results in Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin were basically impossible per the analysis provided in the video and previous reports.

In addition, the video shows the unbelievable and impossible patterns of results we provided months ago which we labeled the “Drop and Roll” (see our video below):


Unmasked also provides evidence showing the ‘roll’ portion of the drop and roll where the results, as we observed,  were all proportionately the same for the remaining vote counts.

This raises serious red flags.





Doddering Joe Stumbles While Boarding Air Force One (VIDEO)

78-year-old doddering Joe stumbled while boarding Air Force One this week.

After spending the weekend in his Delaware basement bunker, Biden departed New Castle Air National Guard Base to head back to the DC swamp.

Joe Biden jogged up the steps to board Air Force One in an attempt to look spry, but he ended up tripping over his feet.



Closeup footage: